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Equityline Financial Corp

Equityline Mortgage Investment Corporation is a non-bank lender that offers alternative solutions to borrowers and assists to fill the lending gap created by the strictly regulated lending criteria of banks, trust companies and other traditional mortgage lenders.

The Corporation’s investment objective is to preserve investors’ capital while providing a consistent stream of cash distributions.

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Our Services

Equityline Financial Corp is a Mortgage Brokerage, Mortgage Lender & Mortgage Loan Administrator

Residential mortgages

We work with major institutions such as banks, trust companies, credit uninions and have access to unlimited private mortgage funds.

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Bad Credit

We have financial institutions and a wealth of private investment funds catering to individuals with bad credit as well as customers with limited proof of income.

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Commercial Mortgages

Our experience with packaging commercial mortgage applications will rid out wasting time with lenders that are inappropriate for your needs.

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Mortgage & Tax Arrears

If your in mortgage arrears or have outstanding taxes do not wait until it is too late!

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Renovation Loans

Are you looking to upgrade your home? Is it time to finish your basement? Does your home need improvement? Maybe it is just time for a new look?

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Private Mortgages

Even with the best of credit and lots of equity some times there are situations that require private mortgage financing.

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2 Minute Mortgage Approval

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Robert C. Kay

Executive Vice President, Director

Donald Hathaway

Director of the Corporation

Stephen Clarke

Director of the Corporation