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Residential mortgages

When purchasing or refinancing a residential property in todays market place most buyers and home owners do not have the ability to purchase the property in full. Hence a mortgage will often be required in order to obtain financing for purchasing or refinancing of your residential property. We work with major institutions such as banks, trust companies, credit uninions and have access to unlimited private mortgage funds. Everyone's financial si...

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Bad Credit

We understand that not all buyers and home owners have what the banks consider to be "good credit." Many people are often turned away by major banks and lending institutions today because their situation does not confirm to the check boxes that these lenders want borrowers to conform to. We have financial institutions and a wealth of private investment funds catering to individuals with bad credit as well as customers with limited proof of incom...

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Commercial Mortgages

If you have ever attempted to get a commercial mortgage before, you may have felt like you were a circus animal trying to do a bunch of tricks to appease the crowd (Commercial Mortgage Lenders often ask for a wealth of information). Our experience with packaging commercial mortgage applications will rid out wasting time with lenders that are inappropriate for your needs. In the event that you are you looking to buy multi family residential units,...

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Mortgage & Tax Arrears

If your in mortgage arrears or have outstanding taxes do not wait until it is too late! A big problem borrowers face is not dealing with mortgage arrears when they first arise. The common mistake that borrowers make is thinking they will just catch it up later, it continues to build and then them become overwhelmed with the arrears and it becomes a much greater problem. There are solutions to help with catching up mortgage arrears as well as prop...

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Home Renovation Loans

Improving your home not only makes it look better but can also increase the value of your property. Are you looking to upgrade your home? Is it time to finish your basement? Does your home need improvement? Maybe it is just time for a new look? Whatever your reasons might be for renovating your home, do not let your lack of savings, or your reluctance to purchase materials with your credit card, stop you from adding value to your home. Let us...

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Private Mortgages

In recent years banks and prime mortgage lenders have started making it much harder for what used to be considered as a "slam dunk deal" to get approved. Even with the best of credit and lots of equity some times there are situations that require private mortgage financing. If you have been denied a mortgage because of bad credit or bad credit history, if you have income that is not verifiable, or simply did not qualify for a refinance or HELOC (...

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