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Equityline Mortgage Investment Corporation is a non-bank lender that offers alternative solutions to borrowers and assists to fill the lending gap created by the strictly regulated lending criteria of banks, trust companies and other traditional mortgage lenders.

The Corporation’s investment objective is to preserve investors’ capital while providing a consistent stream of cash distributions. Investing predominantly in short-term residential real estate mortgage loans, the Corporation seeks to excel in the alternative mortgage market and allow investors to participate in the residential mortgage market.

Structure of a Mortgage Investment Corporation


Sergiy Shchavyelyev

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation and the Manager, Equitline Mortgage Investment Corp. and VeleV Capital. Mr. Shchavyelyev is the CEO and Founder of the Corporation and Manager, a publicly...

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Robert C. Kay

Executive Vice President, Director

Robert C. Kay is a seasoned Corporate Director and Business Advisor. A former Deputy Judge of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. He combines business and legal skills with extensive experience in...

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Mark Simone

Vice President Business Development

Mark Simone is a business executive with extensive C-Suite experience in the development and management of businesses in the insurance, finance and medical sectors. He has held senior positions with...

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Roman Raskin

Chief Financial Officer

Mr.Raskin is chief financial officer with EquityLine Mortgage Investment Corporation, with over 15 years of experience servicing local and international clients, Mr. Raskin  takes pride in his work...

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Sergiy Przhebelskyy

Cheif Operating Officer

Sergiy Przhebelskyy is the Chief Operating Officer of Equityline Mortgage Investment Corporation. Mr. Przhebelskyy  bring a wealth of experience from the banking sector being with TD and  The...

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Arthur Smelyansky

Chief Portfolio Officer

Mr. Arthur Smelyansky is the Co-Founder and Chief Portfolio Officer at Maccabi Asset Management. Previously, Mr. Smelyansky was the Senior Analyst and Trader at Bonello Holdings Inc., located in...

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Erick Klein

Director of the Corporation

Mr. Klein is currently President of Klein Valuation Services Inc., a firm that focuses on business strategy, complex mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and financings for mid-sized Canadian...

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Mark Korol

Director of the Corporation

Mark Korol has over 20 years' experience as a chief financial officer in a variety of industries, including 7 years of public company experience at Zenon Environmental and CDI Education Corp. He has...

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Willie Handler

Director of the Corporation

Willie Handler has 28 years of experience in the insurance sector with 20 years working on insurance regulatory policy with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario and 8 years operating his own...

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Earl Chapman

International Business Development

Earl has worked since 2000 as a business development consultant and presently represents the Jamaica Stock Exchange in North America. E.Chapman Group Inc.,assists the Jamaica Stock Exchange in Canada...

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Robert C. Kay

Executive Vice President, Director

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