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Equityline Financial Corporation was established to provide access to loans and mortgages to customers who have the assets (such as real estate) to secure the loans yet are deemed to be too high-risk to qualify for mortgages from conventional lenders. The principals of Equityline Financial possess the skill set and the experience to advance this sector of the mortgage lending market in Ontario and bring increased financial opportunities to the market segment that is underserved by the traditional, larger financial institutions.


Equityline Financial Corporation works with mortgages and loans that may be deemed too risky, too complex or require too much customization that is beyond conventional lenders’ means. Our mission is to make this dynamic sector of the mortgage lending industry more accessible to the public and more attractive to investors. By investing in a portfolio of secured mortgages for terms of one year or less, Equityline Financial aims to generate attractive yields, greatly reduce the exposure to systemic risks, and quickly adapt to the changing market.